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The best must-read dieting communities online

One of the biggest benefits the Internet affords you is the support of your peers as you challenge yourself to attain your weight loss goals.
Online-forum support rocks. Period, end of sentence - the support you can discover online can make the difference between staying the path and falling into 53 chinese buffets.
Back when […]



iGallop Gadget Review - is it for you?»

Ah, the iGallop.
I remember walking with my husband in the mall past Brookstone, when we spotted this…unique….sculpture….called the iGallop.
Basically, what you do is, ahem, sit on it (straddle it, wrestle it to the ground (okay not that)), etc., and, ahem, turn it on. It comes with three speeds - Trot, Gallop and Race.
Sounds […]

Workout Music

Where to find great workout tunes for your iPod»

So you want to workout…and you want to take advantage of your superCoolio iPod to enjoy great music while you’re doing so.
Where to go?
Glad you asked! I’ve found the following great resources for you:

Fitness Songs
FI Tour
Workout Music
Exercise With Your iPod

What if you’ve just gotten your new iPod, and you’re utterly clueless as to […]


What’s your weight loss or diet reward outfit?»

One of the biggest joys you can experience from a successful weight loss adventure is being to wear clothing you find sexy and wonderful all at the same time…without having to worry if you’ll look like an overstuffed eggplant while wearing it!
Everyone has their own ‘dream’ outfit, and some of them are quite out […]